Night Series

These works attempt to explore mankind’s strange relationship with our natural world, which we continue to exploit and manipulate to our own advantage. We have entered the ‘fourth nature’, where landscapes that once were sublime, untouched expanses of the earth have become penetrated with artificiality, molded and rehabilitated to accommodate for new houses, industry, science-experiments (there are forests that have been grown solely for the purpose of research) – even national parks are a deception, for whilst they are kept and maintained to preserve their landscapes they exist within a carefully manicured bubble, and have been modified from their original form. The night-exposures represented to me this new era of affectedness and artifice. At night the moonlight shone off the lake and, save a few sparse cars gliding by, I could only hear the rustling of leaves in the wind and animals in the grass. Compared to my usual city life, this felt recluse. And yet whilst waiting during the film exposure, I became more aware of the strange red glow rising from the horizon; an artificial glow, produced from the large amalgamation of city lights in the distance. At times the red felt apocalyptic.

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