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Milla Lewis (b. 1997, London) is currently studying Photography (BA) at the University of Brighton. She has co-curated and exhibited works in Brighton and London, including Uniqlo’s Tate Late’s event at the Tate Modern, as well as co-founding the photographic collective Cafuné Collective.

Milla’s work explores the space between the body and the landscape, a relationship formed by natural, cultural, mythological and personal experience. She is interested in both the physical and psychological elements of this relationship and how structural meanings shape our understanding of them. Her practise draws from a large range of literary and artistic sources, physics, semiotics and many more – all of which dwell above an existence we will never truly see or understand. 

'Once Is Never' featured on The Photographic Journal, 2018

Relevant Exhibitions

-      2018 Cafuné Collective group show, Gallery 35 North

-      2018 Still There group show, ONCA Gallery

-      2018 Corneacopia group show, UoB Grand Parade

-      2017 exhibited as part of Uniqlo’s Tate Late’s, Tate Modern

-      2014 group show of self-published zines, Brighton Biennale 

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