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Milla is a recent graduate of Photography BA at the University of Brighton, where she received a First Class (Hons) degree (2016-19). She has co-curated and exhibited works in Brighton and London, including ‘This Side of the Blue’ at the Free Range Graduate Awards, which won Best Collective, and exhibiting at Uniqlo’s Tate Late’s event at the Tate Modern. She received the Award of Excellence by Nagoya University of the Arts, and the Runner Up for Photoworks Graduate Award for her series Guiding The Night (2019).

Milla's work explores the space between the body and the landscape, a relationship formed by natural, cultural, mythological and personal experience. She is interested in both the physical and psychological elements of this relationship and how structural meanings shape our understanding of them. Concerned with the fiction of these narratives, she aims through her practice to expand and challenge the way we encounter the spaces around us. It is the potential of the lens to emulate the experience of living and seeing - a feeling that is profound but ephemeral - that is magnetic. This magic of the ‘in-between’, the dissonance between the physical and the mind, is what she keeps returning to.


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